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The Penis Was: Revisited

2010-06-03 01:48:47 by Funkybob2

Here is a plot analysis of 'The Penis Was'(keep in mind, this is my subjective interpretation; keep and open mind and try to find your own meaning):

Chapter one:

Atlas is eating a pizza, lamenting over his rape by black priests after being baptised("n****rs splashed me" being a reference to the baptism). Suddenly, his lover comes in with Muldoon the Cheese, Nig-Nogs, and Buttfukenmouthanus. She confesses her love for Muldoon, and Atlas is promptly shot.

Chapter 2:

Religion has collapsed. Nazi androids have taken over the world, using negros as sex slaves, and depriving Jews of education. As such, Jews must resort to prostitution, a miserable existence which makes them ponder the purpose behind their existence. "Avalanche" alludes to how many whore Jews there are. This shabby treatment was all the result of the world's former queen, Veronica Orgin(Clevergirl from chapter one, who became queen shorting after killing Atlas) failed to propagate the species, thus allowing the androids to take over. Meanwhile, Penis and Dickbutt discuss Objectivism.


At this segment in chapter 2, we switch perspectives to a dying young man named Fan. His lip quivers, remembering the earthquake which resulted in the untimely doom of him and his companions, one of whom(Gibson) has been pecked apart by ravenous animals. His female companion has fused with the German doctor to create a hypersexual zoophiliac who sees a horse and feels lust. Meanwhile, the homosexual flowers are eating the stone hats atop statues of children in an abandoned kingdom, representing the petrification and deterioration of innocence, as well as the collapse of primitive culture.

Chapter 3:

The third and final chapter is ironically, the simpliest of them. It dictates the inner workings of a trangendered child murderer in these harsh, dystopian times, his lack of treatment, and how the justice system has collapsed so much that the police force consists of mentally ill Brazillians, who ask themselves why this deranged killer hadn't yet been caught and documented. The man quickly kills one of them, then goes into an incomprehensible frenzy, spouting prophetic wisdom that no one can understand, and pass it off as demon possesion. The killer laments his fate, and dies.


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